Paddy Was Being A Proper Douche Canoe On ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Tonight


Tonight on Bachelor In Paradise, it was Throwback Thursday after Paddy reminded us of all those lovely times we’ve had to deal with some bloke talking at us in a bar/club because he can’t seem to accept that no means no, no, NO, NooOoOoOooo, and No.

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In three paras: Paddy was very determined to convince Brooke that they’d be a fab couple so he corners her… in the rain… at night… when she just wants to change and go to bed. Brooke literally tells Paddy “I just want to get changed” but Paddy does the whole ‘ah yep but listen yeah’ chat. It’s episode three and Paddy needs to sit the hell down.

The next day, Paddy once again approaches Brooke for a chat and continues to talk at her about their imaginary relationship. Brooke, so unbelievably done with his shit by now, straight up tells him that she’s not feeling it. Seriously, her first words to him are: “I think we’ve got a stronger friendship over a relationship, there are a few red flags for me.”  Sure, she was keen to “get to know him” but “that changed as soon as I saw something I just don’t like.” She literally tells Paddy that if she liked him then she would be spending time with him. Brooke also highlights, circles, and puts in bold that he ! is ! not ! listening ! to ! her !

Alas, nothing’s getting through Paddy’s thick skull so like the champ he is, he gets all agro and tells Brooke to sort her shit out and stop sending mixed signals.

Paddy’s a popular lad on Twitter, tonight.