OH SHIT: Brittany Hockley Reckons Brooke’s Honey Badger Goss Is Total BS

Bachelor In Paradise is back, bb, and the ex Bachelor / Bachelorette contestants are wasting no time in spilling the long awaited tea about their respective seasons, namely Brooke Blurton whose Honey Badger goss was so good that it made it into the teasers for the show.

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In last night’s ep, Brooke revealed that the reason why she left The Bachelor last year before Nick could give his decision was because he allegedly told her that he didn’t plan on choosing anyone in the finale.

“My last date with Nick, we were on a motorbike,” she told her fellow Honey Badger contestants.

“I thought maybe I would be the girl at the end, but he stopped the cameras and smothered his mic to tell me that he wasn’t gonna pick anyone in the end.”

But according to Brittany Hockley, one of last year’s finalists, this accounting of the story is not what she had been told.

Speaking to Now To Love following the Bachelor In Paradise premiere, the 31-year-old radiographer refuted Blurton’s claim.

“Look, I’m sure that what Brooke is saying, she honestly believes,” she began. “I wasn’t there at that time but I was told something different.”

“There’s no point in bringing it up. I would personally never go into it but Soph and I were told something very different.”

Considering Brooke even admitted that Nick had to muffle his mic to spill the tea, it’s very likely that he was not allowed to clue the girls in on his plan and therefore the final two were told a different story by producers.

However it’s also worth noting that in the interview, Hockley says that Nick has texted her “a lot” since the finale so it’s interesting that he never brought this up with her but obviously it’s a spicy detail that he didn’t want out there.