‘Bachie’ Kween Keira Claps Back At Claims She’s Despo For Pap Attention

God, I’ve missed Keira. Reality television just isn’t the same without a booze-hound villain, ya know??

The former ‘Bachelor‘ star recently hit out at a Daily Telegraph article (hey, we’ve all been there) that claimed she was desperately trying to get the attention of a paparazzo last week to fan her dwindling fame back to life.

“Are Keira Maguire’s 15 minutes of notoriety about to expire?” the article asked. Confidential‘s spies spotted the former reality TV participant trying to catch the attention of a paparazzo in Woollahra on Friday.

“Onlookers said Maguire was walking around for some time while a photographer was on the same street. The former Bachelor contestant was about to get back into her car when she was finally noticed by the pap, and hopped out of the vehicle so he could take her picture.

“It seems the fame bestowed on the so-called ‘Lara Bingle lookalike’ was more fleeting than she’d hoped.”

While I wouldn’t be surprised if Keira was exactly the sort of person to go out of their way to attract the attention of the paparazzi – it’s a trick celebs have been using to raise their profile for decades – I’m also kind of inclined to believe Keira when she said it was a load of shit.

“Couldn’t be further from the truth,” she wrote on Instagram. “I had spent ages trying to get away from the pap who was following me around in my car for over half an hour… finally gave up as I had an appointment to go to… I asked the pap to show me the pics & because they were bad I said can you please take them again.”

And while her star radar is plunging post ‘The Bachelor’ (as expected), girl is still making headlines. Looks like her 15 minutes will last a little while longer.

Photo: Instagram / Keira Maguire.