SPICY: It Looks Like 4 Bachelorette Babes Get Replaced By Intruders This Week & Pls Not Konrad


The Bachelorette only premiered last week and I’m already hooked. Not only is Brooke Blurton a babe, but having both men and women (many of whom are POC) is a refreshing change from the stale white bread of season’s past. But like all reality TV shows, there is drama brewing that we’ll get to see play out this week.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, there will be a mass exodus of not one… but four contestants on The Bachelorette. Those men and women will then be replaced by four intruders, as per an anonymous source. SPICY.

“Four contestants are going to be booted without warning and replaced with four intruders,” host Megan Pustetto said on the podcast.

She didn’t reveal who was leaving, as that would spoil the surprise for us (fingers crossed not Konrad though), but she did reveal who would replace them. Thanks to Pustetto’s hardworking drama army, she’s also provided us full names/and photos for them too. You can see the exclusive pics here.

But as a quick summary, these are your intruders:

Luca Frarracio is a hot Italian model and PE teacher in Queensland. He’s also got biceps to die for.

Millie Rubio is the cute blonde that you might have spotted kissing Brooke on a snow date in various promos.

Jessica Debono the head of their inclusion and LGBTQI+ department at a corporation. You can only see her side profile in the pic but she looks like a babe.

William is a bloke from NZ. But that’s all the info So Dramatic! have about him at this stage.

Not only are these intruders HOT as hell, but their arrival also causes quite a stir in the mansion — with an evicted contestant returning to tell Brooke she needs to watch out for snakes in the grass.

As reported by So Dramatic!, the evicted contestant (which we won’t name for spoiler reasons) tells Brooke to “watch out and that some people aren’t there [on the show] for the right reasons.”

Hmm I wonder who? My bets are on Jess, the love seat stealer.