People Are Raging That “Bullies” Cat & Alisha Are Back For ‘Bachie In Paradise’

Bachelor In Paradise

I’m currently doing that thing where I wish time would hurry up because I’m waiting on two excellent shows to return to TV, both full of scheming, fighting and sexual intrigue. One is Game of Thrones, one is Bachelor In Paradise. I don’t care about any other TV shows, just give me my GoT and my Bachie and I’m happy.

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Anyway, much like Cersei (Lena Headey) is slammed for being a gigantic bitch, so too were last year’s Bachelor in Paradise villains, Cat Henesy and Alisha Aitken-Radburn. Together with Romy Poulier the three were the unholy triad of demon behaviour on last season of The Bachelor. But I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and remind you that while their behaviour was often deplorable, it made for compelling viewing, which is probably why Ten have announced that Cat and Alisha will be taking part in this upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise.

I mean, it’s like Cersei — you don’t have to approve of her methods to find her general vibe of high drama interesting to watch. But some fans are less than happy with Cat and Alisha’s casting, taking to social media (where else) to air their grievances.

After Ten’s Bachelor In Paradise insta account posted the news of their casting, fans took to the comments to weigh in.

This fan called them “bullies”:

Bachelor In Paradise

While this person reckons they shouldn’t even be on TV anymore:

Bachelor In Paradise

While I can’t agree here…

Bachelor In Paradise

I mean, I personally cannot wait to see them again, but maybe that’s just me.

Okay, clearly not just me.

I think what we all need to remember is, much like Cersei, Cat and Alisha are playing characters — even though it’s reality TV, it’s not really real life. We’ve all seen enough UnReal to know that much of their behaviour was probably egged on by producers, right?

Along with Cat and Alisha, Ten also announced the return of exes Richie Strahan and Alex Nation which is just going to be as spicy as hell. We’ll update you on any other cast members as they are revealed.