‘Bachie’ Couple Sam & Snezana Wood Are Once Again Bunned In The Oven

EVERYONE REMAIN CALM, BUT 2019 IS LIKE BACHELOR BABY AVALANCHE. We’ve got Matty J & Laura welcoming a bebe soon. And now, Sam & Snezana Wood just sideswipe us all with news of a new bun in the oven. Considering Australia’s got like, six seasons of the show compared to America’s 3750272, that’s pretty impressive rate-of-baby, in maths terms. Of which I know none.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

Anyway this is THE huge news of today if you’re a sadcase Bachie fangirl like me. The fitnessy couple who are literally ALWAYS in their activewear already have one extremely cute kid together, Willow – who was born in October 2017:

And then there’s Eve, Snez’s daughter from a previous relationship – look how cute and happy they all are together:


Anyway they’re expanding their little fitness family, as Sam announced today via the greatest, most overly chill Instagram Story I’ve ever seen – you can watch the whole thing (if you’re quick) over on Sam’s account. But basically in a series of videos, Sam tells his followers that yes, Snez is pregnant, after a whole bunch allegedly started insinuating as much after a spon post he put up. Which is kind of gross like don’t ask if someone is pregnant, that shit almost ALWAYS backfires. THIS IS AN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE.

Snez was denying the pregnancy so much in the video (likely bc Sam shoved the phone in her face and she was totally in chill mode in her trackies) that he had to clarify that yes, he was being serious.

And then shared this extremely cute photo of the bump.

I’m way confused as to what that is on top of the bump – I thought it was a Malteser but it… isn’t. Some other chocolate? A baby-announcey thing I’m not aware of. I don’t know! Baby-life is a mystery to me! I drink too much!

Congrats you two cute-heads.