Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant’s “Sexy Past”

There’s nothing like a headline with the words SEXY PAST coupled with reality television to get you prepped for some lowbrow salaciousness so consider yourself duly warned.

Yesterday we posted the final contestants for Australia’s Next Top Model: Cycle 6 which proved a talking point in the comments, with one particular comment that caught our eye. Referring to ANTM contestant Kimberly Thrupp, commenter GOTHRUP wrote: “Far out! is this the same Thrupp! she is dam… and has my vote!” linking to this picture:

Kimberly is a former Gold Coast Meter Maid – the girls in gold bikinis and stilettos who top up the parking meters along the Surfers Paradise strip – and has thrown into contention the meter maid’s iconic historical duties. She recently said: “People think we put money in the meters but we don’t … and you get paid shit.” WTF Kimberly? That’s like committing cultural treason. She also rabbit punched Meter Maids owner Roberta Aitchison saying: “I hate that lady. She fired me because I asked for Good Friday off.”

In response to Thrupp’s comments Aitchison told the Gold Coast Bulletin, “The reason she stopped working for me was because of some of the things she was doing … weren’t lady-like.” An interesting comment.

Maybe Roberta wasn’t overly stoked with Kimberly’s responses to a Ralph questionnaire which included the question: ‘What’s the biggest crime a bloke can commit in the bedroom?’ and she answered:

“Hugging afterwards. That’s a no-go zone. One side of the bed’s mine and you can have the rest, but don’t cross that line or you’ll get kicked to the couch. Also, I have a no pants policy in my house.”

Or maybe it’s because she was doing a weird live-stream concert series with David O++O “one of the world’s up and coming leaders in music and fashion” where she danced in underwear PLUS extra crazy house ‘girl cam’ streaming footage.

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Will Kimberly make the finals? You can find out right now by going to the comments section of the other post where some loose lipped devil has provided the spoiler.