Sarah Murdoch Leaves Australia’s Next Top Model

Sarah Murdoch has resigned from her gig as the host and executive producer of Australia’s Next Top Model after three years. She said “It has been an incredible opportunity to work on a show as exciting and popular as Australia’s Next Top Model. Leaving the show has been a very difficult decision for me. Being entrusted to work on all aspects as host and co-executive producer has been a huge experience and I have enjoyed it so much.”

Murdoch’s three seasons at the helm of the series have spawned some legitimate talent – including last year’s winner Amanda Ware who’s enjoyed international modeling success since winning the series; however the most memorable moment from her reign as host was announcing the wrong winner of the 2010 series on live television (she announced Kelsey Martinovich as victor instead of Ware) – a spectacular gaffe that made world news.

If the lagging ANTM series does continue it will be interesting to see who will land the hosting job. Charlotte Dawson and Sunglass Head will remain panelists, but which out-of-work model will take the reins? Any suggestions?

Via Herald Sun