Just Gonna Say It: I Don’t Care If You Think Astrology Is On The Cusp Of Bullshit

I’ve pretty much been a fan of astrology since the day I popped out of the womb. I could read star charts before I could read books (I’m obviously using hyperbole here, but you get the point).

Therefore I’ve found myself in scores of debates with folks about whether astrology is real, or whether it’s bullshit. But the thing is, I’ve never actually inserted myself into these debates. More often than not, I’ll be talking to a friend who I know is partial to spirituality, or they’ll ask me a question about the upcoming retrograde or the current moon phase, when someone will insert themselves into the conversation just to enforce their negativity upon us in an attempt to bring us down.

So it got me wondering, why do people who don’t believe in astrology feel the need to share with astrology fans that they’re against the whole thing? Honey, nobody asked you.

“astrology’s bs! tehehehe” me: ^

And I don’t just have the naysayers coming at me in person. Whenever I write a yarn about the latest astrological occurrence, there’ll be scores of folks writing negative shit in the comments.

It’ll literally be a post with hundreds of likes and comments, with people tagging their mates and positively discussing the yarn, and there’ll always be that one or two people who write: “no one cares” or “this is bullshit.”

Who cares, you ask? Oh I dunno, maybe the hundreds of other people who have commented? And maybe it’s bullshit to you, but I’m sure you have some hobbies and interests that other people think are bullshit but we don’t knock on your door to spit in your face, so back off with your naysaying attitude.

It’d be like if I rocked up to, I dunno, an AFL game and tapped a bloke with a Swans jersey on the shoulder and said, “Why do you even care about this? It’s clearly bullshit.”

What kind of sicko gets off on poo-pooing someone else’s hobby when it isn’t harming anyone?

I can’t speak for all astrology lovers, but I subscribe to the stars because A) it makes life fun! and B) because aside from your odd dodgy newspaper horoscope, for the most part it’s so dead on that you can’t not believe in it.

Everyone has their own reason for believing so the fact that other people think they have the right to tell someone what they can and can’t read into is BEYOND me. If it brings someone comfort and enjoy, or an explanation as to why things are the way they are, just fucken’ let them be.

To quote Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs when asked if she’s into spirituality, “I believe in whatever helps get a person through the day.”

So in conclusion, don’t waste your time coming at me with your thoughts on astrology if you’re not into it. I honestly don’t care if you think it’s real or not, so you should feel the same when it comes to other people.

Take that attitude and stick it up Uranus (a planet that symbolises sudden changes and shocks, which I think is very relevant here as you may be shocked that we don’t give a damn that you don’t share our interest in astrology).