As If You Don’t Wanna Watch Daisy Ridley Rap A Few Bars Of ‘Lose Yourself’

Daisy Ridley is an absolute bloody delight. That’s about as hardline a fact as you’re ever likely to get in this work-a-day world.

The Star Wars star is hot on the promotional trail now that The Last Jedi is getting agonisingly close to release day, and thus Vogue were lucky enough to score a little time with Rey herself to ask her a casual 73 Questions.

There’s a lot to unpack in the video, in which she does indeed answer 73 questions in rapid fire succession.

Wanna know what her favourite colour is? That’s in there. Curious about what Judi Dench is like in-person? Yep, that’s covered. Ever wondered if Oscar Isaac is as mind-bogglingly cool in the flesh as he appears on screen? Hell yeah, Ridley’s got your back there too.

And, sure, there’s a whole bunch of Star Wars-related questions that get fired out in short order – including the fact that she can’t speak Shyriiwook (**GASP**) and her remarkably good demonstration of proper Lightsaber technique – but really, the main event here is Ridley jamming out a couple of bars from the Eminem megahit ‘Lose Yourself.’

It is – not to put too fine a point on it – so great. So, so dang great.

We appreciate the insight the other 72 questions gave us, but the entire purpose of the video is to get Daisy By-God Ridley dropping nothing but heat.

Bless you, Rey. With flow like that the First Order doesn’t stand a chance.