‘Archer’ is the Fastest-Rising Baby Name in America

While it goes without saying that most pop culture-referencing baby names are terrible – mums and dads who named their babies Khaleesi, I’m looking at you – it seems that there are at least some cool parents out there.

The website Nameberry has just released its midyear list of the most popular baby names in the United States, and according to said list, one particular boys’ name has made a bigger popularity leap than any other in 2014: Archer.
That’s right, there are now a not insignificant number of kids out there named after the hard-drinking, ocelot-loving, stewardess-banging, pope-kidnapping ISIS agent Sterling Archer.
Even though Seamus is probably a more appropriate Archer-themed baby name, we can’t deny that this is still a pretty excellent and badass choice. 
According to the list, Katniss is the number 14 most popular girls’ name, while Finn is the fourth most popular for boys, and we’re going to assume that at least some of those are thanks to Adventure Time
Khaleesi sits at number 18 for girls. Parents who called your kids that, have fun showing them the first episode of Game Of Thrones and explaining what all is going down between Daenerys and Khal Drogo on their wedding night.
via Uproxx