‘Twilight’ Names Are America’s Most Popular

‘Twilight’ Madness has now spread to the most innocent and defenseless members of society: newborns.

A list of the top American babies names of 2009 was recently published and revealed that ‘Cullen’ (the last name of ‘Twilight’ vampire heartthrob played by Robert Pattinson) is the fastest-growing name for boys, moving up 300 spots in the list from 2008. The list also reveals that Isabella (played on-screen by Kristen Stewart) has taken the top spot for the first time ever, and Jacob (the main werewolf played by Shirtless Youth) stayed at number one for boys.

Getting creative with baby names is cool – but at times it feels as though some parents are deliberately trying to give their baby the most obscure name possible as some kind of cruel competition.
While I’m on the topic, can I just mention that ‘Cooper’ is a car, ‘Madison’ is an avenue, and ‘Apple’ is a mid-morning snack.

Rob Morrow (the doctor guy from Northern Exposure) named his daughter Tu. Tu Morrow. As in “the sun’ll come out”?
A child is not a personalised number plate jackass.

Via Telegraph