Apparently Gen Y Will Be Saving More Money In 2012

This just in, we’re all going to tighten our purse strings in 2012.

A recent survey by Westpac of 2000 Australian whippersnappers (that’s what old people call us) has revealed that many of us have pledged to start saving money in 2012. Which is exactly what we said we were going to do in 2011. And 2010. And 2009…

Westpac New Year’s Financial Resolution Survey quizzed 2000 Australian on their spending habits going into 2012 and found three out of four Gen Ys will focus more on savings.

The astounding evidence will only be compounded by the events of January 1, 2012, during which almost every young Australian will be spending exorbitant amounts of money on cabs after having spent exorbitant amounts of money on alcohol and other assorted entertainment the night before. But hey, January 2, when we’re officially nursing our hangovers? It’s all on.

The survey also found 77% of young Australian wanted to save money next year. Which means 23% of them will be throwing it out of the windows of passing cars, so look out for that.