AW: Queer Eye Cutie And Guacamole Connoisseur Antoni Porowski Has Announced His Engagement

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski and fiancé Kevin Harrington after their engagement

Queer Eye hunk ‘o spunk Antoni Porowski is officially engaged to his partner Kevin Harrington. Here’s hoping for an avocado themed wedding.

The couple shared the news via Instagram and honestly, Antoni’s posts is one of the funniest engagement announcements I’ve ever seen.

Like, I’m absolutely obsessed with this slightly blurry, flash-mode-on, unsmiling selfie. Kings.

“I really hope the wedding photos are less blurry 🙏🏼,” Antoni captioned his post.

Now that’s true love. Normalise sharing huge news with a backwards camera selfie.

Harrington’s post was a similar vibe, though he shared three pics of the couple. He began the carousel with a cute ‘lil hand-holding pic, followed by a hot shirtless couple selfie and finishing on a pic of the duo in zombie makeup.

Really covering the whole spectrum of a relationship, which I appreciate.

“Officially together until we look like the last pic #engaged,” he captioned it.

As a fellow queer person, I’m mildly upset he didn’t go for the ever-classic “engay-ged” hashtag, but I digress.

Of course, Antoni’s Queer Eye co-stars left their congratulations — and made clear where they wanted to be in the wedding party.

“So cute, love soy much ❤️❤️❤️ Already sourcing my flower girls looks!!!” Jonathan Van Ness commented. JVN actually had a secret wedding in early 2021, a move which I wholeheartedly support.

“I volunteer as wedding-selfie photographer,” said Tan France.

Karamo Brown said he was “so excited” for the couple while DIY king Bobby Berk wrote, ‘you both got a good one!!!”. Stop that’s actually so cute.

The Queer Eye team would probs be the ideal group to help you prep for a wedding: Tan goes outfit shopping, JVN does hair, Karamo helps with the vows, Bobby builds you an entire pavilion and seating for 800 in the space of four days.

Also loudly celebrating the couple’s engagement was Gigi Hadid, who is apparently besties with Antoni and Kevin? I don’t understand how I didn’t know this.

I suppose incredibly hot celebs are just naturally drawn to one another, like some sort of weird homing beacon.

Gigi posted two Insta stories celebrating the couples’ engagement.

“Cheers to being neighbours 4ever. You’re stuck w me,” she wrote.

Um, cute.

She also commented, “So excited for our wedding 🤵🏻🤵🏻🤵🏼‍♀️” on Antoni’s post.

Congrats to these two absolute stunners, I can’t wait for the inevitable Queer Eye episode.