Cards on the table here guys, I fucking love Anne Hathaway, and every time she cops criticism for being “difficult” or “high maintenance” or “demanding complete silence from her squad of stylists so she can rehearse songs from Les Mis in peace”, I find myself screaming “GIVE HER WHATEVER SHE WANTS, THE LADY IS A STAR” at nobody in particular.

Anne Hathaway Continues To Pursue Likeability With Fake Instagram Feud

That said, Ms Hathaway has recently enjoyed a period of glorious vindication, after her extremely funny and self-aware performance in Ocean’s 8 demonstrated she knows all about her reputation, and is willing to take the piss out of herself. I mean, I could have told everyone all along that she’s great, BUT WHATEVER, NOBODY LISTENS TO ME.

ANY-FUCKEN-HOO, in what may be an attempt to solidify her new-found likeability and build on her revitalised, down-to-earth brand, the Devil Wears Prada star has decided to engage in one of those playful social media feuds that always seem to work so well for people like Ryan Reynolds. The target of her gentle ribbing: her Love And Other Drugs co-star Josh Gad.

You see, Gad recently posted a throwback picture to the set of the 2010 film, showing him with Jake Gyllenhaal, and failing to mention Anne Hathaway. Unwilling to stand for this brutal snub, she commented on the pic:

“I’m not sure if you’ll remember me but I was in Love and Other Drugs with you. My name is Annie? Anyway, I hope you are well! (Please like my comment, it would mean so much to me!).”

Josh Gad then replied:

“Please reach out to my agent. That’s where I have my fan mail sent. Thank you!!”

You see, that’s cute! It’s extremely relateable content! It’s the way that celebrities engage with other celebrities in 2018, to show that they are really just like us, and that they also give each-other shit on social media! Entire movie marketing campaigns have been built on less.

Her next projects include the thriller Serenity, alongside Matthew McConaughey, con artist comedy The Hustle, co-starring Rebel Wilson, and a rumoured role in the upcoming Barbie film, which I hope like hell turns out to be a real thing. The Anne Hathaway renaissance is upon us, folks, whether you like it or not. She is the queen. Long may she reign.

Anne Hathaway Continues To Pursue Likeability With Fake Instagram Feud

Source: Just Jared
Image: Getty Images / Kevin Winter