Anna Kendrick Cleaned Out Her Closet, Live Tweeted It For You

In case you needed any further proof that Anna Kendrick‘s Twitter game approaches near-military levels of precision, the Pitch Perfect star recently cleaned out her closet, and took us with her every magical goddamn step of the way. 
It started out simply enough, with a question about why H&M hangers are so damn good – smart move, as they’ll probably now supply her with hundreds to say thanks for the free publicity.

From there, Kendrick quickly entered the ‘why do I own so much shit?’ phase of cleaning, which is usually accompanied by heavy drinking and questioning of all major life choices:

Other important life questions were asked:

She then gave a shout-out to the disturbingly well-scrubbed a cappella group that is Pentatonix:

… and bristled at a fan’s suggestion that she was devoting too much time to Tweeting and not enough time to cleaning:

Another truth bomb came soon after:

Then this happened:

Finally, she did what any sensible person would do after a day of tough physical labour and hit the piss:

We are all Anna Kendrick and Anna Kendrick is all of us.

Photo: NBC via Getty Images