A Heartbreaking Chapter On Chris Pratt Got Cut From Anna Faris’ Memoir

Anna Faris‘ new memoir Unqualified has just been released, but the timing of its publication could not be more awkward, given the actress’ devastating split from her husband Chris Pratt, and the fact that most of the book’s subject matter concerns relationships and advice.

She dedicated Unqualified to him, writing him a lengthy thank-you note the the acknowledgements, and he responded by writing a heartfelt foreword, which was included in the book after they annoucned their separation and has got our emotions all messed up.

While the foreword made it in, though, it appears that sections have been cut from the finished book, with Page Six reporting that an early proof copy they received contained a now-deleted chapter about Faris and Pratt’s future together.

The deleted chapter reportedly concerns “how the couple makes their relationship work long-distance while they are filming”, and per Page Six:

“… [it] details how they make sure to talk on the phone and take advantage of the times they do have together. Looking to the future, she also opens up about their plans to one day move back to Washington and live a low-key lifestyle.”

Reportedly, the finished version of the book also changed some present-tense mentions of Pratt to past-tense, and omitted some passages devoted to him. A lengthy section on her plans to have a second child with Pratt was also omitted.

Anna Faris appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week, and seemed slightly awkward discussing the book at all, and decided to quiz the host instead:

She did much the same in an interview with Seth Meyers, recorded at around the same time: