Get Ready, Kents: Angie’s ‘Bachelorette’ Journey Finally Has A Premiere Date

The Bachelorette

One week. It’s been one week since Matt Agnew picked Chelsie McLeod as his ~one~ on The Bachelor Australia and already, 10’s gearing up for The Bachelorette. The drama, all of it, starts again October 9.

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This time around, beloved Gogglebox star Angie Kent has taken the reigns as bachelorette. We’ve copped a couple of previews and judging by episode one, we’re in for another hooley dooley of a time. Mostly because Angie’s brother Brad walks into the mansion, masquerading as one of the contestants… you know… to suss out who’s a dickhead or not. This show, honestly. Let me just say that whoever he does point out as the biggest dickhead will not be going home in the first episode. You know it, I know it, Angie knows, Ten knows it.

“Anyone that knows me will know that my family and friends are my everything,” Angie said about the twist. “I need to know who can fit in at the infamous Kent Boxing Day festivities and who better to help me decide that than my undercover baby brother.”

If you’ve somehow managed to miss all the Bachie promos re: Brad, behold.

The Bachelorette Australia begins 7.30pm, October 9 on Channel 10. That’s a Wednesday by the way. I don’t know if Masked Singer will still be on air by then – probably, actually – but if it is then that’s two days of Masked Singer and two days of The Bachelorette. He-bloody-he.

Aight, start allocating who’s buying the wine and the cheese.