Andy Samberg Is Attempting To Bring Back Planking

It’s a number of years since planking enjoyed its time in the sun, and while most people would probably be fairly content to send it off to the place where old fads and memes go to die, Andy Samberg is determined to bring it back … for some reason 

It could be that Andy and the Lonely Island boys genuinely feel that planking didn’t get its time in the sun, or this could all be a ridiculous stunt to plug his upcoming Emmy Awards hosting gig on September 20. One of these seems more likely than the other, tbh.
Either way, Andy planked on Jimmy Fallon‘s desk, then Jimmy joined him to pull off the rare double-plank manoeuvre, and they both had a lovely time. This is just like when Hugh Jackman tried to bring back the ice bucket challenge.  
The #BringBackPlanking hashtag has, as yet, failed to set social media on fire, but we’ll remain watchful.