Ousted ‘Big Brother’ Housemate Allan Reveals Wild BTS Intel About His Eviction Last Night

On last night’s ep of Big Brother, the overly cocky Allan Liang bit the dust after a landslide eviction.

Now, speaking to Daily Mail, he’s revealed that the reason why he appeared so docile during the eviction was because he was certain it was “fake”.

“When Sonia said the vote it was like I was frozen and didn’t know what was going on. I just thought it was a fake eviction,” Allan admitted.

“I thought, ‘You know what? I better not blow up and show [the housemates] what the real Allan is about’. And that I better bite my tongue.

“How I was around the other housemates and how I was in the diary room was two completely different people.”

He went on to rinse his former housemate because, well, he’s clearly still salty AF.

“People were threatened with a capital T. I was a big threat from the get go. Every eviction they go for the strongest player,” Allan said.

“I was up against Kieran who is dodgy, and Angela, who is just on holiday, so of course get out the strongest player.”

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Big Brother continues tonight on Channel Seven.