The joy of opening an advent calendar is unrivalled – it’s a Christmas treat for a WHOLE MONTH.

But the older you get, the less appealing eating 24 tiny blocks of chocolate becomes. Firstly, you can buy chocolate whenever you want. You don’t need to wait for a little door to be opened at 4pm each day. Secondly, all the drinking and eating of the silly season makes a tiny end of day chocolate far less appealing. In fact, you probably had a tactical vom around then and never want to eat a sweet treat ever again.

Luckily, there is an advent calendar or two around now made for grown ups. With things in them you actually want to use! Or keep! And not ever eat. Here’s our round up if you’re in the market.


Net-A-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar, $461.59

There’s luxe and then there’s Net-A-Porter levels of luxe. This advent calendar contains all the top beauty brands, and while it’s pricey it’s almost guaranteed you’ll love every mini you get as you open the drawers.


12 Wines Of Christmas, from $285

12 wines! For the most intense 12 days of the year, where you drink and then have to wrap presents and then wrap presents while drinking? What a brilliant idea.


Australian Gin Advent Calendar, $269

Don’t like wine? How about gin! Tiny little bottles of gin you can mix with a nice tonic each night, or you know – drink them all at once as shots.


APT Doggie Treats Advent Calendar, $19.99

New option – don’t even get an advent calendar for yourself. Get it for your doggie! 25 little treats for your dog, how good. Unless they get to it before you can open the doors and eat it all, I guess.


Happy Socks Advent Calendar, $349.95

Do you love socks? Like 24-times-over love socks? Do not get this unless you are, because yes it is 24 sets of socks.


Dream Big Beauty Advent Calendar, $100

You’ll never want for body wash and moisturiser again with this sweet-smelling delight.


Diptyque Advent Calendar, $612

OK this one is quiiiite the pricey one, but! All those lush mini candles and even a few perfumes!


Christmas Advent Calendar, $79.95

This one’s for those people who have about ten candles burning at all times.


Beauty Advent Calendar, $295

12 boxes, each containing a mini of a famous Charlotte Tilbury product!

Image: Good Pair Days