Adulthood Is A Rough Gig In This Brand New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Trailer

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life arrives on Netflix on Friday November 25 – that’s less than a week away, for those keeping track, which we know you are, because you’re here reading this. 
Earlier today, a second trailer for the four-episode reunion series arrived, packed with that quintessential Gilmore Girls mix of small-town whimsy, fast-talking and comfort food-dependence.   
In this new look at the series, Rory Gilmore is grappling with the realities of being an unemployed college grad living at home, while Lorelai questions her relationship with Luke and matriarch Emily comes to terms with being a widow. 
Seriously, seeing the likes of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel together again just stirs something deep down in my waters, and now all I can think about is gorging on Chinese, Greek, Italian and hot dogs simultaneously. Enjoy:

Source: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.