You guys. YOU GUYS.

In an announcement that’s as unexpected as it is fucking incredible, the company behind legendary channel Adult Swim have announced a new partnership with Channel 9’s 9GO! to bring Australia some of the finest cartoonery ever devised. 

And it all kicks off this bloody weekend. 

From Sunday July 10 onwards, a one-hour block of piping hot content including the deadset classics Harvey Birdman, AquaTeen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros and Squidbillies will be broadcast around the nation.

Just to make the prospect even bloody sweeter, the fabled free-to-air Aussie debut of Rick and Morty will soon be upon us. That piece of absolute genius will be hitting our screens a lil’ later in the year, after we’ve recovered from our Hanna-Barbera coma.

Oh, to satiate our modern streaming requirements, the content will also be available on the 9Now app. Imagine that – free and legal animated content on ya phone. How’s that for Pocket Mortys?

In a statement, Turner Australia’s head honcho Robi Stanton said “this partnership announcement with Nine will no doubt excite comedy-craving late teens and young adults across the country.”


Source: Deadline.
Photo: Adult Swim / YouTube.