Oh Geez, These New ‘Rick & Morty’ Season 3 Teasers Are Properly Fucked

A day after Adult Swim reverse April Fool’s-ed us by streaming the first episode of Rick & Morty season 3, the channel has bolstered its deeply weird and generous online offerings with a suite of absolutely munted teasers.

The videos, which amply display co-creator Dan Harmon’s predilection for puppetry, feature a stack of your favourites: Plutonians! Ants in my Eyes Johnson! Mr. Meeseeks! Even Birdperson, may God rest his feathered soul.

They also address some very real issues: yep, Mr. Poopy Butthole is still reeling after his life-changing gunshot wound, and the soundtrack to the Gear Wars was apparently provided by Preoccupations:

After such a long wait for new content, it’s bloody grand to be inundated with this weirdness. A hundred years Rick & Morty, y’all.