Adam Todd, Patron Saint Of Rocks, Says He’s Single And Down To Be The Next Bachelor

Adam Todd / Bachelor

Elly Miles bid farewell to Adam Todd last night on The Bachelorette, breaking all of our hearts at once. We bloody love Adam, our sweet patron saint of rocks! So I’m happy to report that he’s still single and absolutely keen to become our next Bachelor. PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Adam about his time on The Bachelorette, here’s what he had to say.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: So, did you watch last night’s episode?

ADAM: Yeah, yeah, definitely. That was tough to relive.

P.TV: Yeah, I can imagine. What did you think about it?

A: I don’t know, I thought I was over it all, but reliving that moment brought back the flood of emotions and it was definitely tough to watch back.

P.TV: What was it like introducing Elly to your family?

A: Yeah, that was obviously a strange one because I had never introduced any girl to my family before. So yeah [laughs] I had my first meeting on national TV, I won’t forget that.

P.TV: Were you expecting to get a rose after it?

A: Yeah, I thought the date had gone really well. Elly’s New Year’s resolution was to learn to surf and I thought, y’know, that the stars had aligned and I was going to get a rose and win her heart, but yeah, unfortunately not.

P.TV: And how did you feel going into the rose ceremony?

A: I knew that she was close with Joe [Woodbury] and Frazer [Neate] so, I was definitely nervous. Hopeful, but nervous.

P.TV: That goodbye looked tough, how did you find it?

A: She was really nice about it and gave me that chat, and she reassured me that I will find somebody one day. So yeah, it was an emotional goodbye, but it was a reassuring goodbye.

I wish I had let my emotions out a bit more at the home visit, but yeah.

P.TV: And is that something that you’ve been working on – talking about your emotions?

A: Yeah, that’s definitely what I’ve struggled with in past relationships – letting my emotions out. But I feel like after going through that whole experience, I’ve gotten a bit better at that. I still obviously struggle a bit, but I’m a bit better at talking about my emotions now and letting it all out.

P.TV: Oh, that’s so nice to hear!

Okay, so, I have to ask about the comments on your Instagram. They’re such a laugh – are they your mates roasting you, or are they random Bachelorette fans?

A: Yeah, yeah, they’re my close mates! [Laughs] Yeah, they’re roasting me to, y’know, keep my head from blowing up, I think.

P.TV: And did you have any idea they were going to start doing that?

A: Oh nah, one of them started it and then all of them got onboard. And then on their lunch breaks, they’d just write more and more comments.

P.TV: So, you’re absolutely The Bachelorette fan fave, people are demanding that you become the next Bachelor – would you do it?

A: Ummm, yeah, I’d definitely give it a shot. On the season I said that I’d never been in love before and if Australia wants to see me fall in love for the first time, I’d definitely do it.

P.TV: Nice! And just so we can speed up the process: are you still single and what are you looking for in a woman?

A: Yep, I’m definitely still single! And in a woman – I don’t know, someone that likes rocks as much as me [laughs], maybe someone surfy. But nah, just someone who’s really positive and outgoing and someone who just embraces life and is up for having new experiences and all that.

P.TV: So apart from the Insta comments, what has the social media reaction been like for you?

A: [laughs] yeah it’s been an odd one! I remember after the baby episode I got 20 seconds of screen time and I woke up the next morning and my mates were like, “Uh, you need to check the internet” and yeah, I think I broke the internet a little a bit [laughs].”

P.TV: I mean, have people been flooding your DMs? I assume they have, anyway.

A: [Laughs] Yeah, a little bit! Some of the DMs are really nice, like older couples being like, “You’re our favourite on the show! Good luck!” Some of them give me a really big smile, and then some of them are… strange. I’ll say that.

P.TV: Okay, I’ll leave it at that then!

A: Yeahhh [laughs].

P.TV: And I have to ask, as a geologist, what did you really think of Elly’s rock collection?

A: Oh, it was a really nice rock collection! She told me that when she was a young kid she got a rock hammer and she ran around the backyard smacking rocks. So yeah, it was actually a really impressive rock collection! She actually told me that it was one of the only true places in Australia that there’s a granite shale contact [when granite rock and shale rock make contact], and that was in her backyard so I was hoping to meet her family at one point so I could see that awesome geological site, but not to be!

The Bachelorette final wraps up tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.