Fame is very much a two-sided coin. That’s what The Bachelorette‘s resident rock nerd Adam Todd has been coming to grips with, now that his mates are roasting the shit out of him on his own Insta.

Meme fiends may remember the 2016 fad of shitposting through Shannon Noll‘s social media posts by writing long-winded comments asking him to return extremely random items.

Each comment followed the same format: a reference to whatever’s going on in the photo, a couple of sexual innuendos, asking for a lost item to be returned, and then an extremely Aussie signoff like “hooroo” or some shit.

Now, the same thing is happening in Adam’s Insta comments, and his mates seem to be the culprits.

Have a look at some of the comments they’re leaving for our sweet, hunky Rock Boy™, which are usually at the top of each post.

Like this…

C’mon Adam, Halloween isn’t for another week.. don’t go burnin ya pumpkins just yet you silly duffer. You know I think I finally get why those girls tease you for being early all the time. Haha. Hey while I’ve got ya, do you mind returning my Miley Cyrus CDs? I’m playing bingo with the lads next weekend and need a soundtrack for my big entrance. I’m thinking of dressing up like that video clip where she swings on the construction ball. You always loved that one. Haha. Hey stay safe and make sure you sink your teeth into those girls if you know what I mean. Haha.

…and this…

Hooley (and I cannot stress this next part enough) dooley Adam , I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve helped a damsel in distress from some stingy sea beasties. Yeah, nah just setting ya jelly me old china plate. Hey while I’ve got you on the dog and bone, when you have a chance could you please return the bottle of turtle wax I lent you a few weeks back? [MATE 1] wants me to give the old Mazda a good buffin’ to bring the paint up nice and good, and between you and me, she’s been on my case a bit if you know what I mean? ???? Anyway chief, see ya later alligator! ????

…and this.

Slap me’ turkey and call me gobble, what a tasty geddup we have here Adam! Bet that’s not the first time you’ve cooked up a few shades of grey to get the birds squawking amirite??! Chirp chirp, just fluffing those feathers ya crisp cockerel. Whilst I’ve got ya on the blower, would you mind returning that set of Phillips Head Screwdrivers, [MATE 2] and [MATE 3] are coming round to race our Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and I need to repair the track from the last time we burnt the rubber. Vroom vroom, ta. Hooroo.

These really do seem to be Adam’s mates, and not just rabid hordes of weirdly possessive Bachelorette fans.

In each post, it’s the same four or five guys, and Adam follows all of them.

The whole thing appears to have started right after the second episode. Since then, his faithful mates have been relentless in badgering him on every single post.

The fans (us included!) love it, too, with these long-winded paragraphs often getting the most likes in the comments section.

There’s something beautiful about seeing his mates pay tribute to an ancient meme by taking the piss of him while he’s on reality TV.

Here are a few more primo examples of the Nollsy-esque roasting for your stalking pleasure:

Pop on over to Adam’s Insta if you still can’t get enough of dream team/meme team.

Oh and BTW Adam, do ya mind returning that iPod Mini protector case I left in your car last Easter? The old jukebox-in-the-pocket’s been getting a bit scuffed up lately.

Ta, cobber. Hooroo.