Adam Sandler’s New A24 Flick ‘Uncut Gems’ Is Already Getting Rave Reviews & Oscar Buzz

Adam Sandler’s new film Uncut Gems was released in the US a couple of days ago, and boy, oh boy, it seems to be getting nothing but pretty stellar reviews. The latest from cult film house A24, about a New York jeweller who finds himself in some pretty fucking hot water, is directed by the Safdie Brothers and boasts a stellar cast, featuring the likes of Kevin Garnett,Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, The Weeknd and Eric Bogosian.

Twitter’s already begun to praise Sandler’s performance, with many claiming that it’s the best of his career. And yes, whispers surrounding Oscars nominations have already begun.

Let’s check out some of the rave reviews, shall we?

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Firstly, before we discuss the film, can we please appreciate this reunion between Cole Sprouse and Adam Sandler at the premiere, once more? I’m not crying, I promise – there’s just a bit of, um… dust… in the office.

Now let’s take a look at some of the initial reviews that’ve been floating around the Twittersphere. They all seem pretty damn supportive.

I’m sorry, but the blessed Tomatometer does not lie.

The general consensus seems to be that the film is a non-stop panic attack… and I’m low-key okay with that.

To be honest, I’m just thankful that my boy The Weeknd has shown up and, judging from this tweet, come through.

Uncut Gems is slated for a nationwide release October 25. Quite frankly, I’m impatient and that’s too damn far away. But in the meantime, let’s feast our united eyes on the official trailer and brew with bubbling excitement.