A Current Affair aired an in-depth interview with bullying victim/legend Casey Heynes (aka Casey The Punisher) last night.

The interview reveals a number of disturbing facets to the 16 year old’s story, including the fact that he’d been bullied since Year 2 and last year contemplated suicide. Even more worrying is the fact that his Dad, who receives lengthy airtime in the report, had no idea how badly his son was being treated. “I don’t condone violence,” he says of the video, “but I’m glad he stood up for himself.” ACA also ring-in Hungry Beasts’ Marc Fennell as Token Internet Guy to explain how a video goes viral and why. “In that 3 seconds, he’s enacting a revenge fantasy for any kid, anywhere in the world who’s ever been bullied.”

Speaking of which, the jury’s out on whether the report was appropriate. Adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has slammed the network in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, saying that the interview was a shameless ratings-grab and will only focus more unecessary attention on an already negative situation. “Should this kid deteriorate and possibly harm himself, doesn’t that sit squarely on the shoulders of Channel Nine?” he said.

Watch the full interview below, and tell us what you think.