‘Bachie’ Runner-Ups Abbie Chatfield & Todd King Were Spotted Smooching At A Bottle Shop

Bachie alums Abbie Chatfield and Todd King sparked dating rumours over the weekend after they were spotted being cute together on a beach in Noosa.

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In a wild coincidence, Abbie and Todd were both runner-ups on their season of The Bachelor/ette. Todd featured in Ali Oetjen‘s stint last year, and Abbie appeared on the most recent instalment of The Bachelor, feat. Matt Agnew. 

If you’re sitting there thinking “Todd, who?” He’s the one that rocked up to his first meeting with Ali as a literal knight in shining armour.

Pictured: An absolute cutie.

Todd King

In photos published by New Idea, Abbie and Todd were snapped having a bloody stellar time at the beach, and exchanging a couple of kisses at the local bottle shop.

But, Abbie said it’s “nothing serious.”

“We’re good friends and have had a weekend together but that’s it,” she told Mamamia.

Abbie added that she was hoping to keep the whole thing a secret a while long. But, AH WELL.

Apart from the weekend together, Todd has been super supportive of Abbie on Instagram, re: everyone either loving or hating her during Matt’s season.

“Absolutely living for this! I can’t stand the double standards. Well said,” he commented on Abbie’s post about being brutally slut-shamed on the show.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV after The Bachelor finale, Abbie shared what she hoped viewers would take away from her experience.

“Don’t feel like you need to be insecure, or meek, or ladylike to be loved,” she said. “I think just completely be yourself whether that is humping a man on the beach – take your sexuality for what it is.”

Meanwhile, Angie Kent‘s ~ journey ~ on The Bachelorette 2019 kicks off this Wednesday.

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