Here’s Where You Can Stalk/Silently Judge All Of The 2019 ‘Bachelorette’ Lads On Insta

The Bachelorette

You guys, we are two sleeps away from the beginning of Angie Kent‘s ~ journey ~ on The Bachelorette Australia. To celebrate, Ten has unleashed the 20 blokes hoping to find love (or followers, or both) this season. So naturally, it’s time to stalk.

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Why does this look like a school photo? Also, why is Brad – the undercover brother – in it?


Say g’day to 34-year-old Adam. The self-declared free spirit is a father of two kids from a previous marriage. He’s looking for a partner who would love his kids as much as he does.

Adam’s perfect person is “adventures, funny, and intelligent.” Ya know, just someone he can be best mates with.

He’s also a free-diver, which is very cool. Adam barely has any pictures of just him so here he is with a painting.


Alex is a 26-year-old landscaper from the Gold Coast. He’s never been in a relationship before, but is 10/10 keen for one.

“Marriage is a big deal to me. I only want to do it once, so I want to 100 per cent make sure it’s right.”

I was gonna share a beach pic, but look at his getup!


Carlin is a 30-year-old fitness trainer and an old school romantic from Sydney. He’s heaps keen on spontaneous road trips and all the latest foodie hotspots.

He also said Angie is “beautiful, genuine, funny, and seems to have those girl next door qualities.”

Carlin is quite the ~ influencer ~ on Insta. All of his pictures are lovely but I’m going to go with a flanno one. Love a flanno.


You’ve probably already seen a heap of promos with this bloke in it. In his first meeting with Angie, 25-year-old Ciarran described himself as a “sexual Willy Wonka.” He’s also the lad that started twerking.

I don’t know if Ciarran scrubbed his Insta clean or he just never posts anything, because he only has 14 pics up.


31-year-old Glenn from Perth is just a big ol’ sweetheart looking for love. His perfect person is someone who loves a laugh, is down to earth, intelligent, and can laugh at themselves.

Glenn is absolutely a family/friends bloke. Just look at his Insta.


32-year-old Haydn compared himself to Johnny Bravo in his little Q&A with Ten, because he has “immaculate hair”. Haydn is a firefighter from NSW who – I don’t know what this means – “knows a thing or two about breaking hearts”. This is an odd thing to put in a profile.

But anyway, Haydn sees himself as a “cheeky firefighter who enjoys adventures as much as staying in.”

Haydn doesn’t have that many pictures of himself on Insta, so here’s his official Bachie pic.


Jackson is a 25-year-old lad from NSW, who’s currently juggling his psychological science degree and working at his family’s pie business.

“I’m rough around the edges and don’t pretend to be perfect. I’m very close with family, have a love for dogs and animals in general and am ambitious with what I want to do in my life.”


39-year-old Jamie is extremely well-travelled, having visited over a hundred countries.

Jamie’s ideal gal is adventurous, loyal, ambitious, confident, fun, and energetic.

He’s a huge fan of “Angie’s sense of adventure.”

“I love how she put herself out of her comfort zone in the jungle. I also love that she is a rescue dog advocate and is passionate about the welfare of animals.”

Jamie hot. Jamie hot. Jamie hot. This is an old pic, but you know, just had to share it.


Jess is a local politician who is in love with love. He’s also keen on adventures, and is looking for his “team mate, someone that can be a friend and lover.”

Jess reckons he’s perfect for Angie because he’s also from the Sunshine Coast, laughs a lot, is driven, and knows his purpose in life.

“Plus, I’m passionate in everything I do. And I’m major clucky.”

Jess looks a good scooter.


Jesse’s looking for a “companion for life, a team mate, someone that can complement me and vice versa.”

Jesse just wants to be the best version of himself on the show, and hopes that’s enough to win Angie’s heart.

The 31-year-old hails from Perth and is incredibly ripped. He also has a pic with Arnold Schwarzenegger on his Insta.


Josh is the owner of a mobile zoo, and is incredibly passionate about teaching children conservation.

Josh’s perfect partner is someone fun, bubbly, intelligent, and adventurous.

He’s, uh, the one of the right. Not Russell Coight. 


Kayde is a 25-year-old luxury car salesman from WA. He’s playful as hell, and is looking for someone who can match his fun attitude and positive outlook on life.

I can’t find Kayde’s Instagram and The Bachelorette isn’t following him either/yet so here’s his official portrait.

The Bachelorette


Matt’s a 27-year-old BMX stunt rider from Queensland. He’s keen on showing Angie that he’s a “fun-loving person that wants to support everything she has going on and also have her be a part of my exciting life.”

“I really believe she would be excited to be around someone like me who would rather get out and have some fun while getting to know each other rather than sit in a fancy restaurant trying to come up with stuff to talk about.”

Observation: Matt’s Q&A is longer than some others…

I know this doesn’t clearly show Matt’s face but DOG.


Absolute unit Mitch is a 31-year-old from Queensland. I know I should be talking more about Mitch but I can’t stop laughing at his IG handle.


After everyone found out there was an undercover brother in the house, Niranga told the camera: “Obviously it’s not me, clearly.” And I’m still chuckling about it.

The 28-year-old Brissy bloke played both state and national rugby and cricket, but is now an aircraft engineer.

Niranga wants someone he “can have hours of solid banter with.”

In 10 years, he reckons he’s going to be “married (hopefully to Angie if we are a perfect match) and with a few babies.”


25-year-old Oliver likes to enjoy life and not take things too seriously.

His ideal partner has a good sense of humour, is always up for a laugh, not a smoker, and likes to enjoy life and not take things too seriously.


Nicknamed Scooter by his best mates, Scot is a 27-year-old from Byron Bay. He’s fully done with short-term relationships and is ready to find ~ the one ~.

His perfect partner is someone who is respectful, driven, grounded, spontaneous, and adventurous. Also, if he had to liken himself to a cartoon character he’d pick Bart Simpson, because he’s mischievous and playful.


Timm with two Ms! Timm’s the one that brought Angie all those sunflowers.

Here’s what he had to say about Angie:

“Angie seems to tick all the boxes from the couch to the jungle and now the Bachelorette. I love that she will have a crack at anything, takes the mickey out of herself but still has strong values. She is a little cutie as well.”



Presenting 31-year-old Tom from Brisbane. Tom’s set on just being himself around Angie, and reckons she has the qualities he’s looking for in a woman – “genuine, caring, adventurous, friendly and kind without taking herself too seriously.”



And lucky last is Warwick! This 36-year-old is just looking for a genuine girl who gives him butterflies. Warwick previously put work first before love, but now he knows he’s ready to find the one.

According to Ten, Warwick doesn’t have an Insta account and won’t be making one for the show so here’s his official pic.

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Australia kicks off 7.30pm this Wednesday on Channel 10.

P.S. You can read all the bachelors’ profiles on 10Play right here.