Abbie From ‘Bachie’ Absolutely Cooked It With A Past Life Regression Session On Insta

Abbie Chatfield

Abbie Chatfield of Bachelor In Paradise has taken to Instagram to share the results of a past life regression session, in which she recalled bizarre details of a previous existence in 1800s Hungary.

This therapeutic technique, which Wikipedia calls “discredited and unscientific”, involves the use of hypnosis to recover memories from past lives in order to address present trauma.

Taking to her stories yesterday, Chatfield said she had just done a session led by Dr. Brian Weiss, and had some quite scary results.

Broadcasting live from a darkened room in her Brisbane home, while wearing heavy blue eye shadow and fighting back tears, the reality star said:

“Okay ignore my makeup … I just did this past life regression thing, with this man, and I was like oh shit, I meditate and stuff … look how much I’m crying … it was the most fucked thing. I don’t know if my imagination was just running wile, but I was in like … oh my god it was so fucked.”

She continued:

“I was in like .., 1800s Hungary or something, I was wearing black boots and I had long brown hair and a thin face, and I was near this man who was very scary and i think he must have been my husband and It think he’d killed our son …”

She later clarified that she was trying to remember her “final moments”, in which her former Hungarian husband approached her while on her death bed.

Wild scenes, folks, absolutely wild.

Abbie Chatfield, who was recently evicted from Bachie In Paradise, says she was thrilled to go. In a recent Instagram live, she said her biggest regret from the show was “arriving” to do it.