Abbie Chatfield Cried While Sharing How Konrad Said ‘I Love You’ & I’ve Never Felt More Single

Abbie Chatfield has posted an emotional video about her bf Konrad Bien-Stephen and it’s honestly a genuinely adorable result for the #Konrabbie saga.

In a vid posted to her TikTok, Abbie shared a v sweet insight into the couple’s relationship, which showed Konrad putting together a romantic evening.

In the voiceover she explained that in an ep of her podcast It’s A Lot, she’d been talking about how she’d always wanted to go to a drive-in cinema, but never had.

Konrad had listened to the podcast ep (we love to see people supporting their partner’s work) and put together a surprise drive-in movie night where he told her he loved her for the first time.

“When we arrived, I started sobbing – like, full on sobbing. It’s just like, this man treats me so much better than I thought anyone ever would and is the most thoughtful, beautiful little angel on the planet,” she said in the video.

“I never thought I’d find someone like him, so the tears were flowing as you can see.”

The caption of the vid read: “Reminder to never settle…Gone from years of gaslighting to having the purest angel on the planet”.

@abbiechatfieldHow my boyfriend said I love you for the first time. NEVER SETTTLE. @konrad.bien♬ Melody (1983 Club Vinyl Mix) – Plustwo

In a follow-up vid, Abbie Chatfield confirmed that she did, in fact, say “I love you” back, warming our little Krabbie Pattie hearts.

“Babes look at my face at the end. Of course I did hehe,” she wrote.

@abbiechatfieldReply to @moddysmum♬ Light My Love – Greta Van Fleet

Abbie Chatfield also used her TikTok to talk about why she thinks it’s so important not to settle.

In response to a comment on her vid that said “but all my brain does is tell me to settle”, she described herself as something of a serial dater.

“I was always seeing someone, never single, but never really had a nice stable relationship with someone.

“I never thought I could have someone that I didn’t have to compromise [for] in some way ever, ever, ever. I thought that I’d have to take one of my boxes and just put them to the side.

“The thing that I’ve realised now is that if I kept trying with those people to try and, in the words of Missy Higgins “make a triangle squeeze through a circle” then I would’ve missed out on meeting Konrad.”

And I think we can all agree: Missy Higgins is never wrong.