Here’s Why The Internet Is Fkn Frothing The Rumour Aaron Taylor-Johnson Cheated W/ Joey King

For some reason, the entire internet has decided that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has cheated on his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson with his Bullet Train co-star Joey King.

The rumours began to circulate when self-professed “gossip activist” and TikTok user @thekylemarisa posted a blind item about Taylor-Johnson, which has already been viewed 1.4 million times.

“This married A-List actor is hooking up with this A-List tween actress turned A-, B+ adult actress during the press trip for the movie they shot,” she said, alleging King and Taylor-Johnson hooked up during the Paris leg of their press tour for Bullet Train.


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Since then, TikTok has pounced on the rumour — partly because of their understandable thirst for Taylor-Johnson (holy hell, man), and partly because of their hatred towards his wife.

ICYMI: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 32, has been with Sam Taylor-Johnson, 56, for over a decade. Because of their 23-year age gap and the fact that they met when he was 18 (and still a teenager), the internet understandably has ~~thoughts.

“I don’t support infidelity, but didn’t she watch him grow up and then marry him when he became an adult?”, one TikToker said.

“Joey King pulling miracles, I swear,” another user commented.

Pictured: further evidence of the internet melting after even just one whisper of Az locking lips with someone who ISN’T his wife:


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But friends, lovers, foes. I hate to burst your bubbles, but the blind item is the only form of ‘evidence’ we’ve seen so far. This is a kind way of saying that it’s likely just the internet wishing something into existence that hasn’t actually happened.

First, it appears that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was pictured with his wife at the Paris premiere of Bullet Train, making these rumours that he and King had some sort of saucy rendezvous highly, highly unlikely.

Secondly, Joey King is very much engaged to Steven Piet, and while that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the capacity to cheat, they look very, very loved up (assholes).

But the internet being stoked about the 32-year-old’s potential cheating scandal whilst sharpening their daggers and pitchforks in Liam Hemsworth‘s direction is telling of how the masses view Taylor-Johnson’s relationship. And it isn’t great.