“A Revamp, A Do-Over”: The Trailer For Season 5 Of Community Has Been Released

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead

Jeff Winger “spent 4 years at a 2 year college” and graduated, but due to the law of American television never ever coming to a logical conclusion and continuing on for as long as possible/bankable, the just-released trailer for Season 5 of the cult comedy series Community shows him returning to Greendale after apparently failing as a hackneyed Better Caul Saul-ish attorney for hire who makes his own ads (wearing a superhero outfit that would make Dean Pelton all tingly). Abed himself describes Jeff’s return as “like Scrubs Season 9 – a revamp, a do-over”, but let’s hope the similarities end there, because Scrubs Season 9 was balls.

Community in 2014 faces Chevy Chase‘s departure, creator Dan Harmon‘s return, Jonathan Banks‘ addition to the cast and Donald Glover‘s reduced role – there’s a lot of changes going to down at Greendale this season, and there is a real risk of them Britta-ing everything up. If anything, though, the return of the show for a fifth season means they’re one step closer to reaching the perfect comedic closure of actually doing #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.