John C. McGinley AKA Dr. Cox Is Totally Keen For A ‘Scrubs’ Reunion Movie

On the latest episode of IndieWire‘s Turn It On podcast released this week, John C. McGinley aka Dr. Perry Cox and now the lead in Stan Against Evil, teased a possible Scrubs reunion.

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The thing that would get McGinley fully on board would be the involvement of Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence: “I love Billy, so if Billy’s doing it, [I am].

I’d be very surprised if some variation of [a Scrubs reunion] doesn’t realise fruition.

But, McGinley says it might not take the form we’re used to – and we’ve gotta hope it’s nothing like season nine, the Dave Franco-starring one set in med school which saw Zach Braff‘s J.D. written out mid-season.

I don’t think it would look like a season,” he says. “I think it would be something different… I don’t know what that looks like, however. A two-hour movie? That would be fun.

A Scrubs movie! That’s exactly what we need. hopefully it happens, unlike the Community one, ey?

Still, McGinley errs on the side of only picking up the reunion special if there’s a new story for the cast of characters to tell: “We did almost 200 episodes of Scrubs,” he says. “If you didn’t wring that towel dry of everything you wanted to get out of those characters, it begs the question: What were you waiting for?”

Earlier this year, Zach Braff told TV Guide that he “daydreams about the idea of doing, like, a TV movie“. Like McGinley, he reckons a movie’s definitely feasible, as opposed to a full season, considering “everyone is all over the place“, the starring actors now busy working on very different projects. He even told The IMDb Show that he’d pitched a concept for the project to Lawrence.

Sarah Chalke/Elliot was equally as keen as her former co-stars when asked back in January: “Would I do a Scrubs reunion movie? Hell yes, I would!

And hell yes, we would watch tf out of it.