The ridiculously popular Aussie reality show The Block(which I have always interpreted, perhaps unfairly, as Grand Designs‘ on steroids) has opened casting calls for this year.

We also have an idea of which rundown building will be getting the special reno treatment/the place that will be the site of a few tantrums and a lot of tears. 
In December, legal papers were allegedly being drawn for ‘The Block’ to use the The Gatwick Hotel, an infamous St Kilda establishment that, according to The Age, “has become a mecca for the mentally ill, chronic substance abusers, failed criminals on short breaks between prison stretches and the physically damaged.” 

Tragically, the hotel has also seen, in serious cases, murder and fatal drug overdoses. 

The city of Port Phillip and the Victoria Police were said to literally be begging Channel Nine to take the building off their hands, and it was “all but rubber stamped” after some months of negotiation. 
Coupled with the timing of the recent casting call announcement, it looks like the notorious eyesore is gonna be the host of these couples’ dreams (and probably some worst nightmares). 
The show stresses that “Long term couples, family teams and enduring friendships need only apply,” which is disturbing, because we all know these relationships will be tested to the absolute limits and perhaps destroyed. 
“You will NOT be able to work during the shoot period,” we are also reminded, which makes sense but is also tragic, especially since former contestants have spoken out about the appallingly low “nominal weekly fee” that they are provided. 
(The winners of last year, Karlie and Will, were apparently so broke that they could only eat two minute noodles during their time on the show. Poor bebs). 
So, if you are keen to have no money, spruce up an abandoned hotel, and lose some loved ones, please do give the application a crack here. Enduring friendships only, obviously. 
Source: The Daily Mail
Photo: Facebook / PLGRM.