Iconic Melbs Gay Bar Denies Selling Out To Developers After Sudden Closure

Iconic Melbourne gay bar the Greyhound Hotel has vehemently denied it’s closing down due to a proposal to development the land, instead claiming another, completely separate has left it with no other choice.

“Despite recent headlines regarding the development potential of the GH Hotel site, this is not the reason for the closure,”
it said in a statement. “This is due to recent developments outside the owners’ control that has left the business insolvent.

“Keeping the GH Hotel open for the community has always been the priority of the owners. Unfortunately this is now no longer an option.”

The pub broke the news via Facebook last night, and was met with devastation from Melbourne’s LGBT community and anger at the apparent caving to developers (a petition to save the pub had attracted over 2,400 signatures).

“Unforeseen my arse!” wrote on commenter.St Kilda will be so much more enriched by another enormous ugly apartment block. Well done gh, well done.”

Daniel Sutton, the pub’s Promotions, Marketing and Events Manager, was unable to elaborate any further on the ‘recent developments’, except to confirm that it was a completely separate issue and one that left the pub’s closure the “only option” available.

“Whether we can in the future in the not, our hands are kind of tied in what we can say,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “I can tell you it’s 100% certainly not to do with any development offers. Another issue has come up very suddenly, and this is the only option.”

He said the recent event was “unfortunate” and led to “a tough and teary decision from the owners.”

Anyone with tickets to upcoming events are advised to keep an eye on the Facebook page, while anyone with functions booked will be contacted in the coming days to organise a refund.

Photo: Facebook / GH Hotel.