Pop Queen Kylie Minogue Is Set To Appear On ‘The Block’ So Expect Glitter

Kylie Minogue, national treasure, queer icon and wine mum, is apparently set for a guest appearance on The Block, because celebrities are just like us. They love knocking back a few Pinots and watching people melt down under the pressure of home renovations.

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Scott Cam, host of The Block and self-declared friend of Kylie (sure, Scott, we are all friends with Kylie), confirmed to TV Week that the rumours are true and our pop queen will be turning up during season 15 of the long-running, much-loved reality TV show.

“She’s an old friend of mine,” explained Cam. Alright buddy, quit the bragging, this isn’t a competition, except it is/this doesn’t explain why Kylie Minogue is going on The Block.

But Minogue won’t be brandishing a sledgehammer – even if that’s a MOOD – at the former Oslo Hotel in Melbourne‘s St Kilda, the site of the upcoming series. The hotel is expected to be made into five terraced houses, which will presumably require the Kylie kiss of approval.

Scott Cam quipped, “C’mon, we’re not putting Kylie in a hard hat!

And Shelley Craft, who we must remind you co-hosted Saturday Disney when we were small, also commented: “I think there are some things even Kylie wouldn’t do.

(But she could do it. There is nothing Kylie Minogue can’t do. Look at the Insta below, as if she couldn’t like paint a house in that.)

It is not known what role Kylie Minogue will play on the series – maybe she’l help them decorate with max tasteful sequins? Maybe she’ll add some much needed feathers? Maybe she’ll just be there delivering sage wisdom, or getting in the way while singing bangers from Fever?

But Cam and Craft do promise DRAMA and meltdowns because it’s a home reno show and watching people flex their carpentry skills is interminably boring without it. “Even I had a few meltdowns,” admitted Cam.

Kylie Minogue dropped a greatest hits collection at the end of last month, titled Back In Time: The Definitive Collection, so you can play all the hits from the comfort of your own home. She also slayed Glastonbury, because ofc.


Keen af to see Kylie return to her network television roots (never forget Charlene on Neighbours), see you there.