2012 Cleo Bachelor Of The Year Shirtlessness Index

Welcome to the 2012 Cleo Bachelor Of The Year Shirtlessness Index, our breakdown of the exposed torsos contained within Cleo’s annual Bachelor of the Year competition.

Yesterday, Cleo announced the fifty men who will compete for this year’s Bachelor of the Year title. In a terrifying indictment of something, the majority of the list was reality television contestants and sports stars, eschewing traditional marriage worthy pursuits such as law, medicine and business for the likes of MasterChef contestant Hayden Quinn, X-Factor finalist Johnny Ruffo, 2011 Beauty and the Geek winner Lachlan Cosgrove and sport stars such as the Penrith Panthers’ Sandor Earl, surfer Jack Freestone, skateboarder Corbin Harrism and former NRL star Israel Folau.

Anyways, like most people, our journey starts at the Cleo Bachelor homepage where we’ve tabulated the various forms of shirtlessness contained within each bachelor’s profile picture. We’ll give you a moment to process the torsos data. Notice how of the fifty nominees, twenty-eight appear to have lost their sleeves. More importantly, notice how of those twenty-eight, nineteen appear sans-sleeves because of the more pressing sans-shirt issue. Fifteen appear in conventional human being garb (shirts with sleeves) while three sartorial mavericks opt for the ‘wearing a top but not really’ open shirt look.

The data indicates that ‘shirtless’ was the most popular option, followed by shirts with sleeves and shirts with no sleeves, with the unorthodox open shirt look coming in last.

But it isn’t all about crunching numbers here at the Shirtlessness Index. After the jump, check out the inaugural recipients of our Most Awakward Lean and Most Unrealistic Instance of Shirtlessness awards. See you next year guys.