The 1st Promo For Sophie Monk’s ‘Bachelorette’ Is Here & It’s Fkn Glorious

Look out Australia, you are done for. There’s a new reality dating show champ on the block, and her name is Sophie Monk.

As someone who watched Bardot form on television to become the band that would bring us one of Australia’s greatest ever songs, ‘Poison‘, the news that Monk was going to be the next Bachelorette was extremely exciting news, especially when Monk proved recently that she still had the natural humour that made her so popular on the show.

We’ve all been waiting to see if Monk’s casting would change the show, and from the promo released tonight, it is very clear that it absolutely will. Both the male and female versions of the show take themselves pretty seriously, and it’s all very earnest.

It’s clear immediately from this first promo that Sophie (who looks stunning) will be bringing some of the irreverent humour to the show. Check it out in full:

See, funny. Shitloads of people on Twitter also absolutely loved the promo.

Hopefully this all means some of the men vying for her love will also have a lot of spark about them, and are able to keep up with her banter. That will make for some great television, and personally, I cannot wait to tune in.