The Australian Defence Force
have fiercely erm, defended their collective title of Internet Distributors of Scandalous DIY Sexy Times with a troupe of officers orchestrating an email chain that circulated footage of members having sex with women alongside degrading, misogynistic commentary. 

Fairfax Media report that the ring of 17 soldiers called themselves “The Jedi Council”, distributing the rudey nudeys without consent of the females involved. The emails also featured soldiers engaging in “illicit drug use” which no-one expected at all. At least five women were victims of the email ring – which comprised stills as well as video- including female soldiers and public servants. Branded ‘demeaning, explicit and profane’ by Chief of the Army, Major-General David Morrison, he says in a statement that such behaviour won’t be tolerated, plainly asserting, ‘If that does not suit you, then get out’. 

In 2011, an army cadet filmed himself having sex with a female cadet and broadcasted it to his friends via Skype. The Skype romp, titled One Night in Townsville, wholly unsolicited by the female component, was an understandably heavy blow to The Australian Defence Force, but Morrison deems this “incident” to be “worse than the Skype matter” He reasons with ”These are actions by men who have been in the defence force for in excess of 10 years. This goes to the heart of what I said about systemic problems with culture inside the army.” 

According to Morrison, the three ringleaders have been stood down and are ‘persons of interest’ to NSW police, and five of them face imminent suspension. The remaining nine ‘could also be stood down’, as The Age report. The same cannot likely be said for you or I, where desks be a packin’ quicker than you can say more n00ds pls.

Title image and source: The Age