QLD Men Arrested For Challenging Soldiers To Hide & Seek, Dressed As Cat In The Hat

According to a local Channel 7 news report, two men in Central Queensland have been arrested at Shoalwater Bay for allegedly ‘disrupting military training exercises’…. by running around dressed as Dr. SuessThe Cat in the Hat, challenging soldiers to a friendly game of ‘Hide & Seek’
This is 100% NOT a drill:

BREAKING.Two more men have been arrested at Shoalwater Bay for trespassing during Army training exercises. The duo allegedly challenged soldiers to a game of hide and seek, dressed as The Cat in the Hat.

Posted by 7 Local News – Central Queensland on Monday, 13 July 2015

The comments on the post range from ‘lighten up’, to ‘revoke their citizenship and send them to Syria, which shows just how vast the dichotomy spectrum of personal opinion is in this country.

These arrests follow three similar ones from yesterday: three elderly activists were charged for disturbing a military exercise by asking soldiers if they’d like to join them for morning tea. The three women said they were protesting the exercise ‘Talisman Sabre’, and their cause was ‘peace and justice’. They weren’t convicted, but they were each fined $500 for trespassing offences, as per the Commonwealth legislation. 
Firstly, what is going on here Queensland, U OK? Secondly; while we understand that disrupting a military exercise is a very serious thing, anyone who doesn’t let out at least a tiny giggle at the mental image of two adult men dressed as Cat in the Hat challenging burly members of our defence force to a nice ol’ game of Hide & Seek, or grannies going rogue and inviting soldiers to join them for a cuppa, may be missing their comedy bone.