Here’s Everything That Happened In Season One Of The Mandalorian Because 2019 Was 100 Years Ago

the mandalorian

The Mandalorian might be my favourite thing to come out of this new era of Star Wars and I’m extremely excited for the new season to finally drop.

If your memory of season one is a bit hazy and you don’t feel like committing to a binge before the new season starts, don’t worry. We’ve written a handy breakdown of everything that happened during The Mandalorian‘s first season, with special shout outs to the most important parts of each ep.

Oh, and spoilers ahead.

Ep 1: The Mandalorian

Set after Return of the Jedi, where the Imperial Empire has fallen, we’re introduced to a bounty hunter known as The Mandalorian. He’s, uh, a Mandalorian.

At a seedy outpost called Nevarro, the Mandalorian picks up a new bounty from Greef Karga, the head honcho of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. He needs to track down a target on an Outer Rim planet and hand them over to the Client, an Imperial hanger-on who really want things to go back to the good ol’ days when the galaxy was ruled by their regime.

He takes the job, heading to the planet where he meets a farmer named Kuiil, who helps point Mando in the right direction of the target.

Things get a little hot as the target is located in base swarming with guards, but Mando is helped by another bounty hunter, an assassin droid named IG-11 (voiced by none other than Taika Waititi). IG-11 doesn’t get to hang around for long though, because Mando shoots it in the head.

The most important part of this episode? The reveal of the Child, an infant version of whatever alien species Yoda is.

Ep 2: The Child

Mando returns to his ship with the Child, only to find that it has been stripped by a bunch of ratty Jawas. He confronts the scavengers and they promise to return the stolen parts to him if they deliver him The Egg.

The Egg in question belongs to a Mudhorn, who is none too happy that Mando is trying to pinch their egg. The beast almost kills the bounty hunter, but the Child is able to help him defeat it.

The most important part of this episode? The Child using its Force abilities. Even though they’re a baby, the Force is strong with them.

Ep 3: The Sin

Mando returns to Nevarro, hands over the Child and receives 20 bars of Beskar steel, which he immediately turns into a brand new suit of armour.

As he goes to leave the planet, Mando realises that maybe giving the Child to Imperials is probably a Bad Idea, so he heads back to rescue his lil green buddy.

While fighting off waves of stormtroopers and Greef Karga’s bounty hunters, the clan of Mandalorians who live under Nevarro come to his aid and help Mando escape.

The most important part of this episode? Mando absolutely wrecking shop to save the Child from the Imperials.

Ep 4: Sanctuary

Heading to another remote world, the Mando meets Cara Dune, a former Rebel trooper who is now making a living as a mercenary.

The Mando and the Child set up in a small village, where they’re promised lodging if they help takedown a bunch of raiders who’ve been attacking the village. With the help of Cara, the Mando is able to help train the village to protect themselves and they’re able to defeat the raiders.

Mando realises that he and the Child will never been safe in one place, so they jet off.

The most important part of this episode? The introduction of Cara Dune? Nah, it’s the Child drinking soup.

Ep 5: The Gunslinger

In an attempt to get as far off everyone’s radar, Mando heads out to some nowhere planet on the galaxy’s Outer Rim: Tatooine.

While there he meets up a with a wannabe bounty hunter, Toro Calican, and the two team up to take on an assassin, Fennec Shand. They succeed, but when Toro tries to pull a double-cross on Mando, he gets his butt handed to him.

The most important part of this episode? Heading to Tatooine is always great, and it’s nice to see the planet from the perspective of someone who isn’t a Skywalker.


Ep 6: The Prisoner

One of Mando’s old bounty hunting friends offers him the spot on a heist job run by a dude named Mayfield. The goal? Help the crew bust someone out of a New Republic prison ship. Mando is a working single-father now, so he needs the cash.

Mayfield and his crew try to double-cross the Mandalorian, but it really doesn’t work out for them (I’m sensing a pattern here).

The most important part of this episode? A super salty Mando taking down Mayfield’s crew.


Ep 7: The Reckoning

Greef contacts Mando, asking him for help because the Client called in his Imperial remnant buddies and they’ve overrun Nevarro. So Mando rounds up a posse consisting of Cara, Kuiil and a rebuilt IG-11, to go sort things out.

Things go south real quick when Moff Gideon and a whole-ass platoon of stormtroopers rock up and lay waste to the bar the group have met in, killing the Client (RIP Space Werner Herzog.)

The most important part of this episode? Kuiil getting killed by two scout troopers before he could escape with the Child. He deserved to be happy, damn it!


Ep 8: Redemption

IG-11 saves the Child from the two scout troopers, and proceeds to go on a speeder-bike killing-spree through the streets of Nevarro, taking down most of the stormtroopers hanging around there. It’s pretty great, and probably the best action scene of the whole series.

IG-11 ends up sacrificing himself so everyone else can escape, and the Mandalorian uses his brand-new jetpack to take down Gideon’s TIE fighter.

The most important part of this episode? There’s a lot of big things that happen in this ep, like Mando taking off his helmet or the Armourer finally giving him a signet. It’s probably Gideon cutting his way out of a wrecked TIE fighter with the Darksaber, a weapon that’s hugely important for the Mandalorian race.

I guess we’ll find out what happens next when first episode of The Mandalorian‘s second season drops on October 30, only on Disney+. Check out the trailer below.