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I can note on more than one occasion a day where I was convinced to go out only because of the assurance that there would be a puppy wherever we were going. It’s like clockwork. At this point my friends and partner know that it’s a surefire way to get my Nanna-like self out of the house.

And I have to tell you, it’s worth it. Puppies being nearby automatically turns even the soggiest biscuit of a person into an excited and happy sunflower. It’s science, I dunno what to tell you.

So it’s pretty damn appealing to know that you can go out for a cheeky brunch with your mates and be blessed with the presence of a BORDER COLLIE PUPPY.

me on my way immediately

If you pop on down to Collies & Co. in Samford Village, QLD, you can literally have breakfast in one hand and be giving a lil’ collie pup a scritch with the other — and we all know it’s really hard to say no to those cute faces, so there’s a dog-friendly menu available too.

In partnership with Animal Rescue QLD, the café is totally dog-friendly (so yes, you can BYO best pal) and raises their own Border Collie puppies onsite. That means that at 7am, 10am and 1pm each day you can swing by for puppy socialisation time.

It’s all to help them get used to new humans and fellow canines before they go out into the big world with new adopted parents, so really you’re helping out here as well.

Puppy cuddles are hands-down some of the best in the world (apologies to everyone else I’ve ever cuddled, but you know it’s true), so if you’re heading to QLD anytime soon you best believe it’s worth your while to get a Border Collie cuddle in there.

Image: Collies & Co.