Are You Just Going Through A Work Slump, Or Is It Time To Quit?

How To Tell If You're Just Going Through A Work Slump Or If It's Time To Quit

I don’t care how much you love your job, we’ve all had at least one day where we’ve seriously considered giving it up. But how can you tell the difference between a bad time and an actual job that is no longer good for you?

Before you hand in that resignation letter, check out the six ways to tell if should, according to Professional Career Coach at Sydney Career CoachingTina Monk.

If you’re honest with yourself when answering these questions, you’ll be able to better recognise if you’re in a slump or need to make a career change,” says Tina.

1. “You dread going to work in the morning.

Yes, sometimes we wish the weekend was just a little longer, but if your casual ‘oh the beach would be so much nicer today’ changes in to an actual feeling of dread that centres around having to go into work, that’s a problem.

2. “You truly dislike the type of work you’re doing.

Just as in life, it’s hard to love even single part of your job all the time. Some things we just have to get done. But if you’re hating everything about what you do, then it’s time to look a little more closely at why that is.

3. “You can’t shake the feeling that you just don’t fit in this role.

Maybe it’s a culture clash at your office, maybe the work your doing just doesn’t seem to mesh easily with your particular set of skills. That’s ok, we all have different strengths. If you find yourself in a job that doesn’t play to yours, it’s ok to admit that.

4. “You’re going through the motions in your job but your heart isn’t in it.

Are you finding yourself getting it all done without any real motivation? If nothing is exciting you about your roll, if nothing makes you actually WANT to do for reasons other than getting paid, maybe it’s not the right job for you.

5. “The work has become so routine you could do it in your sleep.

If you’re still enjoying your routine, that’s one thing, if it’s starting to bore you that’s entirely another. Everyone likes to feel useful, if you’re not being challenged it’s likely you’ll stop feeling useful or interested in what you do.

6. “At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?

And finally, an easy yes or now question for you. If your answer is no, perhaps it’s time to start looking for something different, or training up on your skills to find another role in your industry.