New Aussie Study Reveals The Occupation Most Likely To Froth An Acai Bowl

New Aussie Study Reveals The Lunch Choices Made By Each Profession

What lunch choices does each profession prefer? What food is truly required to perform the particular demands of your job? I know these are the truly burning questions that plague your days. Ok, no, but now that Deliveroo For Business has come up with the answers, you KNOW you’re curious.

Yes, that’s right, they’ve conducted a study in Australia to determine the most popular dishes ordered during the workday according to career. A special pat on the back to the Finance industry, who appears to have won the crown of being the healthiest profession. Aren’t you guys good?

Here’s the full break down for your ‘Omg that’s totes me’ pleasure.


Ok, we already know they have the right to smirk and feel slightly superior to us, but let me tell you that’s because accountants mostly ordered protein loaded salad bowls. Extra chicken and less of those carbs, aka. the good stuff.


A long day dealing with the rules of the country apparently require ramen, dumplings and a whole lot of sushi to power on through. Yup, lawyers love them some cuisines from all over Asia for lunch.

Business & Consultancy

This profession also loves a bunch of protein of the mostly lean meats variety, but they’ll get theirs from modern Greek restaurants. So less of that salad stuff, but who knows, Greek salad is delish so maybe they’re doing ok.


Engineers, I thoroughly appreciate you keeping it real. This lot can’t get enough of that good Italian pizza and pasta and I cannot blame you. If I had to pick one cuisine for the rest of my life it would 100% be Italian.

Advertising & Marketing

Of COURSE this group would be the most hipster with their food choices. They also love some delivered brekkie, opting for smoothies and acai bowls. Then moving to poke for lunch.


Classics sangas, toasted sandwiches, and fish & chips are the popular choices for the techy people of Australia. This one actually makes a lot of sense to me because they’re all pretty easy to eat at a desk, is that why?