How To Make Calm Career Choices When You Have No Idea What To Do With Yr Life

How To Make Calm Career Choices When You Have No Idea What To Do With Yr Life

I’ve always considered it mildly ridiculous that the world seems to think you should know what to do with the rest of your life by the time you graduate high school. Ummmm, you’re still a teenager! Teenage me had NO idea what she was doing. While I still think that’s perfectly ok, not knowing can be a huge cause of anxiety so let’s take a squiz at making career choices when your brain is currently freaking out, shall we?

Take a Deep Breath

Yes, I’m sorry but I insist. As you’re taking that breathe, realise that you’re far from the only one without a clue, and that’s ok. Also, realise that you can ALWAYS change. Society makes it seem like once you choose you’re locked in forever, and while it’s not amazing to start paying for a course you don’t end up using, nothing is a waste and nothing is set in stone. You can switch career paths any time.

What Makes You Tick?

Ok so you don’t know what career you should have, but you’ve probably worked out a few things that spark a passion inside you. Do you get heated about human rights debates? Constantly creating art, even if it’s just above average doodling on your notebook? Are you the person people ask for film or music suggestions? Are you a gaming or computer whiz? Use it!

Whatever you love, there’s a job for that. Write down what activities bring you joy, then get to researching jobs in that field.

what makes you feel like this…

Test Out Your Theories

Maybe you have some idea, but you don’t know what that career would actually be like? Give yourself real-world hands-on experience and volunteer. I always knew I wanted to write, but nothing honed down my career path faster than a multitude of internships. Yeah, you won’t get paid, but think of it as a future trial run.

Ask People Who Do Know

Pop into career fairs, talk to people in your life, use the internet. You may not know what a career might be like, but a seasoned professional in the field does. Ask as many people as you can and get a broad spectrum of opinions on the professions you’re considering.