When you first start a job it’s all excitement and ‘dream job’ and endless opportunities. Sometimes though, when you’ve been at the same company for a while, it can feel like your work life has become a little stagnate. Pump some life back into your job with these tips.

Reassess What You Want

I don’t know about you, but the things I want from my personal and professional life are so different now to what they were even two years ago. That seems to be pretty normal when you ask around your social groups.

You’ve experienced more, you’ve seen more, your priorities are different. You’re never too old or too young to take time to reassess if the dream you’re chasing is still the one you want. If you’ve found yourself in a work plateau, chances are you really need to do this.

If you find you still want the job you have, you’ve probably just hit a slump. Refocus on why you loved your work in the first place. If you want something different, time to make some changes.

Make A Plan

So you have your new goal, but as they say, a goal without a pin is just a dream. Cheesy, but accurate. How can you reach your new career goal? Talk to people in the area you’re hoping to go into, they’ll be your best resource. If you don’t know anyone personally many places, like TAFE or universities, have open nights where you can talk to teachers and professionals.

Consider whether going back to study is a good option for you, whether it’s for a complete career overhaul, or just a top up on some skills that will help you.

And yes, you should also plan things realistically so you can keep working in the meantime if you need to, and that financially you can afford it.

Put It Into Action

You have a plan, now go for it! It can seem really daunting but the only thing holding you back is you. Life is too short to stay in a role that you don’t enjoy and doesn’t challenge you.

Image: Instagram / [@katehudson]