Look, you and I could be better at saving. We’d spend all our time wandering the globe if we could come home and still be able to eat afterwards. But we can’t. So why not get a job that actually pays you while you travel? A little preparation could land you in good stead to live your best life on the continent of your choice.

Teach English As A Second Language

Salary: The answer to this is very broad depending on the country you’re working in. So according to PayScale, you could earn anything from $25 to $51 an hour. Of course, many countries also offer volunteer opportunities.

Countries: If you’re working on a TEFL or related certification, your list includes pretty much everywhere that isn’t a native English speaking country. The countries you’re likely to get a job in can rely a lot on your experience. Newcomers generally getting jobs in lower paying countries (like Thailand or most countries in Central America) while those with higher salaries (including elsewhere in Asia and many Arab countries) often require years on the job.

What it’s like: Recounts of time on the job can really vary depending on the country they’re in, how much they researched the job beforehand and how they were treated once they got there. Like with most things in life, getting the most out of your experience is all about the research and prep. Lucky for you we wrote this guide to help you love your TEFL experience.

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Freelance For Just About Anything

Salary: This, of course, depends on your experience and field of freelancing, but Indeed.com puts the average between $28.93 (writer) and about $49.79 (photographer) an hour.

Countries: The best thing about freelancing? You can pretty much do it from anywhere.

What it’s like: According to an actual freelancer, don’t get sucked in by the romanticised view of freelancing. Whether you’re writing, designing, consulting or something else, when your income depends purely on how much work you put into it, you’d better believe you spend much of your life hustling hard, especially before you’ve established yourself.

However, there is something very alluring about the ability to set your own hours and work from wherever you want, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Work For The Government

Salary: It depends on your state, but Indeed.com suggests an average range from $49,706 for entry level Admin roles, to $175,997 for Director level social services.

Countries: The short answer to this, depending on the role within the Government that you choose, wherever the Australian Government conducts its business.

What it’s like: If you’re anything like me you’ll think Government and go straight to pollie, but actually it’s so broad. Many jobs in community and social services, healthcare and even law are employed by the Government.

If I may offer an *almost* personal anecdote, my cousin worked as an immigration lawyer in different Australian Embassies around the world for 2 years at a time, including South Africa and Chile. She had housing, transport and much else taken care of. And because everyone was away from home, the embassy itself was this cool hub of people hanging out together.


Become An Expert Tour Guide

Salary: In Australia, Indeed.com has the average salary at $29.29 an hour.

Countries: I mean, beyond safety and visas, the sky’s the limit.

What it’s like: Someone with the right personality and attitude will love it, says Working Abroad Mag. Your number 1 priority is making sure your customers have the holiday of their lives, so you’ll need patience and never be one to shy from hard work on (sometimes) little sleep. You’re a traveller, so chances a high you’re already a people person.

But oh, the payoff. Travelling the world, meeting people and having experiences on the company’s dime? Doesn’t sound so bad.

Take To The Skies As A Flight Attendant (Or Pilot)

Salary: Indeed.com has the average Aussie salary at $62,649 a year for Flight Attendants and $105,222 if you have the moolah to train as a pilot int he first place.

Countries: Depends on the company you’re working for, but basically wherever planes fly.

What it’s like: Well, it seems a little like working in hospitality (note: preparing food/beverages, cleaning up, customer service) except way up in the sky with even weirder hours and more responsibility, especially in case of emergency. But as Business Insider explains, there’s a lot of work perks and benefits, particularly as you become more senior and your schedule requests are prioritized.

Become A Fancy Au Pair

Salary: This is something that really varies between countries, also depending on the average number of hours you’re expected to work. In Australia, Indeed.com has it at an average of $26.27 an hour.

Countries: There are countries all over the world, in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and more. Obviously the more languages you speak the more opportunities you have, but language is less of a barrier then you may think.

What it’s like: This is a glorified, international nanny or babysitter. If kids are your jam, as well as (usually) free accommodation, sometimes free meals and a 20-40 hour work week with days off to go exploring, this is a pretty great option. Western Union ranks China, South Africa, Chile the USA and Denmark among their top 10 locations for pay and ease of visa acquiring.

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Sail The Seas On A Cruise Ship

Salary: Indeed.com has Australian cruise ship jobs up to an average of $73,273 a year.

Countries: The easiest place to get involved, because visas, is Australia. But depending on your cruise you could see the world!

What it’s like: If very close quarters with your workmates and, you know, Titanic doesn’t put you off, this could be, almost…glam? I’m mostly judging this of a friend’s Instagram account and she acts her ways around the tropical world on a Disney Cruise ship and I swear to god my FOMO is to the point where I may have to block her.

Cruise jobs usually come with other bonuses, like free accommodation, medical care and meals. They also have job opportunities in just about everything from cook, to beautician, to server, to entertainer, to pilates instructor.

Join An International Hotel Chain

Salary: Once you get up to a managerial role, you’ll have an average salary of $62,190, says Indeed.com.

Countries: Depends on the company you work for, but Hilton, for example, has locations in 78 countries.

What it’s like: Hotel jobs are generally quite squarely in the hospitality industry, so they’re not super high-paying, and you absolutely must enjoy customer service. Having said that, there’s also a lot of versatility in the work and it definitely doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck behind a desk for years.

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