4 Tips To Help You Nail Video Job Interviews When No-One’s Allowed In The Office

Broad City - video job interview

It’s a weird time, to say the least, and many businesses asking their entire staff to work from home, job seekers are beginning to come across more and more video interviews.

If you’ve never had one of these before, you’ll find that there are some problems you didn’t even realise you needed to think of – from tech to what’s behind you when you call.

While content-wise you’ll be doing much of the same preparation, there a few extra tips to consider when your interview is via video.

1. Consider your space

You’ll need somewhere quiet with a neutral background and good lighting. That means no cafes, not having the telly on or chatting housemates behind you and making sure there’s enough light that you won’t be a creepy shadow on the screen.

2. Work on forming a bond

Experts feel that video interviews tend to be shorter as they get to the point and involve less small talk. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it does mean that you should put in more of an effort to form some sort of friendly bond with the interviewer.

3. Practice with the camera

Check out your connection, how you look on camera and how your chosen space looks ahead of time. Technology can be unpredictable, but a lot less so if you already know where the strongest WiFi connection is.

4. Ask about the hiring timeline

While this is something that’s always on the radar for interviews, in these unusual times it can be especially helpful to ask specific questions around the hiring timeline and what they expect the process to look like. There may be some curveballs.

Apart from that, make all the same preparations you normally would about the role, the company and even who will be interviewing you. You got this!